"inspirational post"... by Markisha

The struggles we face are not there to make us stronger but wiser. As lesson learned.

Life is all about lessons. As i walk in the darkness, not understanding why some things happen, why our control is limited and we can't protect people we love, i'm wondering what is all of this about. Why should i put myself through all of this ? Why is it happening to me. Happening to me AGAIN ?

Struggles, pains, adversity are reminders of what is life about.We often don't realize that we may not be enjoying life to the fullest. To say to life each day like it is the last one is a bit extreme. But could we not appreciate LIFE more ? Could we not give it more LOVE ? Could we not complain less about what we do not have, what we do not want anymore and just give thanks for what we actually have in our lives ? 

Instead, we live in worry, leading to a certain depreciation of the beauty of being alive and the beauty we are surrounded by. Wherever you live, whoever you are surrounding by, beauty and most importatly, LOVE,is there.

We grow, we suffer, we live, we love, we hurt, we forgive... There is always two sides of one force. Mostly for free will as God made us to experience life making our own decisions. But i would say that those two sides exist so the negative side makes us appreciate the positive more. But do we really ? Be honest.

After having getting through a challenge, we end up wiser. Getting deeper in our spirituality and faith. And THAT'S the whole point. Everything is about perspective and how you decide to see a situation. You take the decision yourself and nothing is happening TO you. You ultimately made that choice wether you are conscious or not of it.

As you praise the Lord to open your heart to face a struggle, ask him to help you focus on a solution instead of a problem, to seek for love instead of hate and confrontation and you'll rise above anything life throws you to test you. To make your soul grow.

Look for what is it you have to learn with this new challenge. Let go of the ego and listen to the lesson God wants you to understand. Give thanks and go on in love.

 Colossians 3:13

Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

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